ImgSource is a Windows library that can be used in any 32-bit or 64-bit Windows environment. It provides nearly 600 image file and image processing functions and is available both as a DLL that can be used from almost any programming environment (including C/C++, VB, C#, MC++, PowerBasic, Delphi, Access, and many more). It is also available in C/C++ static library form for use with Visual Studio 2013 and VS 2015.


For a partial list of ImgSource's many features, click here. And,see what's new in version 6!

Sample Of The Day

Here's a quick video sample done by ImgSource user, kcarlino, which shows off ImgSource's "PushImage" function.

What's included in the download package ?

The DLL download package includes

  • ImgSource60.dll - the DLL version of the image library. For unregistered users, all images read and written will have a large red X drawn on them, and some library functionality may be disabled.
  • ImgSource60.lib - the library file, used for static linking of the DLL
  • ISource.H - the main C/C++ header file
  • ISDemo.exe - an application that demonstrates many of ImgSource's image processing functions
  • ISEDemo.exe - an application that demonstrates more of ImgSource's image processing functions
  • - C++ source for the ISDemo application
  • - C++ source that demonstrates a C++ wrapper class (CISImageEx) in an MDI application
  • ImgSource.rtf - reference file - (also contains the ImgSource license statement)
The download packages for the C/C++ static libraries do not contain any of the samples.

What do you get with registration?

  • Access to all ImgSource features
  • Free upgrades (for all minor revisions)
  • Free tech support via e-mail and on the discussion boards
  • Royalty-free distribution
  • ...and more!
  • The ImgSource source code is not included but can be purchased seperately.

Code Samples

Here is a very simple JPG to BMP conversion routine using the ImgSource API. And here it is using the CISImageEx C++ class.

More C++ sample code can be found in the ImgSource v6 Help File.

Why ImgSource?

There are a wide range of image processing libraries available: some are very expensive, some are totally free; some are very simple, some offer everything imaginable. How do you choose?

Because we want people to pay for ImgSource we need to ensure that there is a reason for them to pay. We need to be sure that bugs are fixed, that new functionality is added when there is demand and we need to ensure that people can use ImgSource to do what they need to do. In short, support. ImgSource has discussion boards, personalized email support, and almost constant updates. Functionailty is added at a pace that few can keep up with, bug fixes are almost instantaneous and, there is a community of developers who are already using ImgSource that can help you get started. We try to make ImgSource worth every bit of your registration cost, and we think we succeed.

ImgSource help file

You can download the ImgSource help file. This is an interactive help file that contains ImgSource function definitions and descriptions, sample code, articles, and more. The help file is also available in on line form.

ImgSource Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Add-ons and extensions

Format extensions

These libraries add support for more file formats. They are known as "ImgSource extension libraries", and are tightly integrated into ImgSource's source and destination manager system. These libraries require ImgSource or higher, unless otherwise noted.


    SARAW allows ImgSource to read the "raw" image files from over 100 different digital cameras. Buy ImgSource with SARAW and get $5 off!
  • SAJ2K

    SAJ2K brings JPEG-2000 reading and writing capability to ImgSource. Buy ImgSource with SAJ2K and get $10 off!

    SAFPX brings FlashPix reading and writing capability to ImgSource. SAFPX is free for registered ImgSource users. See the SAFPX.rtf file in the SAFPX download package for more information.
  • SAJPEGTurbo

    SAJPEGTurbo allows to to use the ultra-fast JPEG reading and writing provided by the libjpeg-turbo library. Reads and writes JPEGs many times faster than standard JPEG I/O. ImgSource 6.0 Only!

Visual C++ source

You have the option to purchase the C/C++ source to ImgSource. Cost to purchase the full source to ImgSource is $100 $75 in addition to the normal registration fee. The source code license is a 6 month license. During that time, you can download the source as often as you wish. After 6 months, you must purchase another source code license.

If you have already registered ImgSource and wish to purchase the source, send us an email.

ImgSource is built with Visual Studio 2013, but you can probably get it to build on older versions of Visual Studio (or even VC6).

Static library option

This library is also available as a set of C/C++ static .LIB files. (2 LIBs, release and debug). This is the same code that is in the ImgSource DLL. The .LIBs require the same key that the DLL does and the pricing is the same as for the DLL. Static library use requires that you have Visual Studio 2013. Both Win32 and x64 libraries are available.

Download ImgSource Libraries

Version 6.0

Latest version:

Win32 and x64 Libraries

C++ Static Libraries
Multi-threaded Static CRT
(linking with LIBCMT/D)
Multi-threaded Dynamic CRT
(linking with MSVCRT/D)
Multi-threaded Static CRT
(linking with LIBCMT/D)
Multi-threaded Dynamic CRT
(linking with MSVCRT/D)
Visual Studio 2013
Visual Studio 2015

    C# Function declarations

    We have a set of function declarations for C# that will allow you to use ImgSource in your C# programs. You can download it, here.

    Older Versions

    ImgSource version 5 libs are available here. If you need an older version, please contact Smaller Animals Software, Inc..


    ImgSource60.DLL is not interchangeable with previous versions.


    ImgSource registration.


    Contact & Bug Reports

      Tech Support

      The best way to reach us for technical support is via the
      ImgSource discussion boards.


      • Send us an
      • Use the ImgSource discussion board.

      Other Platforms

      If you use this package with a platform other than VC++, and would like to tell us how you did it, please do. If you have any hints or tips or code snippets that could help others, please feel free to share this on the ImgSource discussion board.


      If you have ideas about functionality that you'd like but don't see here, let us know. Many of the features included are the result of people asking if we could figure out how to do it.


      Use at your own risk. There are no guarantees as to the suitablility of this software for any particular use. We cannot anticipate all uses to which people might try to put this. Any bugs, if reported , will be fixed as soon as possible.


    • JPG code from IJG's JpegLib 6b.
    • PNG code from LibPNG
    • PNM code from LibPNM
    • TIFF code from LibTIFF
    • PCX code from Bob Johnson
    • TGA code from Tim Bish
    • Color quantizer based on Dennis Lee's DL1Quant.
    • All other code Copyright, Smaller Animals Software.

    Copyright © 2015, Smaller Animals Software, Inc.

    End Of The Line

    FINAL DAY!!!

    Smaller Animals Software has been in business for 23 years. And it's been fun for every one of them. But, we've reached a point where the cost of keeping the virtual doors open far exceeds what sales bring in. And so, with much regret, we will be shutting down Smaller Animals Software. The proposed final date of operation is June 30, 2016. After that date, sales and support of all Smaller Animals Software products will cease.

    ImgSource users are encouraged to purchase a source subscription, to allow them to diagnose and correct any issues they may encounter in the future.

    We realize this is inconvenient for our customers. And we wish there was a way we could continue to develop and support the products we've been working on for all these years. But, there doesn't seem to be a way to do that.

    We would like to thank all of our customers and especially those who have stuck with us over the years and have contributed greatly with their feedback and suggestions. It seems safe to say that the majority of the features in our products came directly from user suggestions. We wouldn't have done it without you.

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    ImgSource news

    • ImgSource version 6 is here: See what's new!.
    • Latest ImgSource version: