ClickPic - Quick and easy picture manipulation

What does ClickPic do?

ClickPic lets you quickly resize, rotate and flip images, and convert them from one format to another. It has an incredibly handy batch image file renaming function, so you can quickly give meaningful names to all those horribly-named files that you get from your digital camera. And, if your camera records orientation/rotation information, ClickPic can automatically rotate the image to the correct orientation. And it does all of this from Windows Explorer:

ClickPic in action

Sounds great. How can I try it?

Current version: v.

Download the full working version of ClickPic here:

ClickPic for 32-bit Windows Download from
ClickPic for 64-bit Windows Download from

ClickPic has a 14 day trial period. After 14 days, you'll need to register ClickPic. Once you register the program, you'll be able to use ClickPic for as long as you like.


The cost is a mere $15, US.

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