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    Hi Chris,

    I am having problems with the ISE3DuotoneImage function. I keep getting a GPF with the following code:

    'Create a memory buffer to hold the image
    tmpRGB = GlobalAlloc(0, uWidth * uHeight * 3)
    'Copy the image to tmpRGB
    IS3DCToRGB picTemp.hDC, 0, 0, uWidth, uHeight, tmpRGB
    'Perform DuoTone transform
    ISE3DuotoneImage tmpRGB, uWidth, uHeight, 3, uWidth * uHeight * 3, Color, 0
    I am still new to the IS3Effects Dll - what am I doing wrong?

    Thanks for your help! Thanks for your patience!

    Ed Porter

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    Row stride should be uWidth * 3.

    Also, if you're using my type library, I've updated it to fix a few bugs. You can get it [|here].

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    Hi SilentZone,

    Your suggestion worked! I changed the rowstride to uWidth*3.

    The resulting image is very dark with bands of pixels in "off color" shades. What suggestions do you have for getting the results in the Demo?

    I appreciate you help!

    Ed Porter

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    the demo doesn't do anything special with the parameters. whatever you put into the duotone parameters is what gets passed to the function.

    try using a brighter tint color.

    chris losinger
    Chris Losinger
    Smaller Animals Software, Inc

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