I'm demoing your product. I need to overlay text onto a tif image and I'd like the bounding rectangle containing the text to hide the underlying image where the rectangle is positioned.

Using the following command will place the text on top of the image, but unless I put the text in a clear area, it becomes messy:

SAText -i HCFA.TIF -o TEST2.TIF -t "THIS IS THE TEXT" -fn Arial -fs 60 -fc 000000 -tr 100 10 800 800

I've experimented with combining commands such as:
1. SAMatte to create a new.tif containing just a rectangle
2. SAText to overlay text onto the rectangle in new.tif
3. SAOvrlay treating new.tif as the top image and overlaying onto an existing image to create a 3rd image

This method will work, though it seems to be slow, especially when processing thousands of images. The best solution would be to allow SAText the option of defining the rectangle's background color (opaque) as well as transparent.

Any thoughts?