What's new in TN v10?

RGBA Support
Of the formats ThumbNailer can read and write, PNG, TIFF and TGA allow for an "alpha" channel which defines per-pixel image transparency - this controls how the image is blended with whatever is underneath it when drawn. Images with alpha channel data are known as "RGBA" (Red, Blue, Green, Alpha) images or 32-bit images (8 bits each for R,G,B and A). As of v10, ThumbNailer can now read, process and save 32-bit images, preserving the alpha information. Previusly, ThumbNailer would discard any alpha information when reading. Also, TN can read alpha/transparency info from ICO and GIF files. And, because we love options, we've added an option to discard the alpha data as previous versions did - just in case.

New Plugin System
In order to support this addition, we have completely re-done the plugin system. This involved rewriting all the plugins (which we are still working on). So, TN 10 can not use plugins written for previous versions, and older version will not be able to use TN 10 plugins. It's unfortunate that we had to break compatibility, but adding the ability to handle RGBA images (and other reasons, which I'll get to in a minute) made it necessary.

The good news is that there is no longer any need to "register" the plugins - just drop them in the plugin folder (which has moved back under the ThumbNailer install folder) and TN will detect and enable it automatically.

Also, plugins now link their settings to the name of the current TN profile. So, you can have different plugin settings for different profiles.

We've converted seven plugins so far, which you can download and use. And the ThumbNailer download now includes the TNX_MovieReader (formerly TNDShow) by default.

The plugins we've converted so far are:

  1. TNX_MovieReader (was TNDShow) - this is now included with the main TN installer.
  2. TNX_ReadRaw. Reads RAW images from digital cameras.
  3. TNX_AutoBright. Applies an automatic brightness adjustment.
  4. TNX_ContrastEnhance. Adjusts the contrast of the image to bring out more details in light and dark areas.
  5. TNX_Duotone. Applies the classic doutone effect to an image.
  6. TNX_Rotator. Rotates an image by any angle.
  7. TNX_SimpleBorder. Draws a solid border around the edges of an image. This also allows for semi-transparent borders.

We've also created two totally new plug-ins for v10:

  1. TNX_Smoother . This is a bilateral filter (sometimes called a "surface smoother") which will smooth images while preserving most fine details. For example, it gives a nice glossy air-brushed look to faces, while preserving edges and details.
  2. TNX_ContentAwareResizer . This resizes images by removes areas of low energy. The technique is best explained by this video: http://www.seamcarving.com/

These are new plugins for TN 10, and are not available for previous versions.
Download links below.

If there is a plugin you really want us to convert, please, let us know and we'll move it to the top of the list.

64-bit Windows
ThumbNailer now has a native x64 version (and x64 versions of the plugins). This was another reason for re-doing the plugin system.

Text Overlay

Text overlay has been reworked, to support RGBA. We've added a new "glowing text" option for text overlay, redid the Text Overlay page and added a preview panel so you can see what your text will look like without having to run a batch.

Image Preview
Image preview (both in the "preview" window and in the image file browsing dialogs) will now show previews for images from multi-frame plugins. We've added a progress / cancel window to the preview window, fixed some problems with window sizing, and added a default preview image, in case you don't want to specify one of your own.

TIFF Support
Improved TIFF support. There were a few obscure TIFF variants out there that were causing crashes. So we've fixed that.

/vs Switch
Added a command line switch that allows you to set variables from the command line: thumb10.exe /vs MyVariable "Has This Value"

There's a new cancel/progress window.

Other stuff
We fixed many bugs, including some in: contrast enhancements, ICO reading, sharpening, overlay page.

We've changed the built-in contrast adjustments so that they are now useful.

Your license file now lives in MyDocuments.

The TN and plugin installers should behave much better when installing from non-administrator accounts.


Standard Version (32-bit Windows):

Version for 64-bit Windows

http://www.smalleranimals.com/zips/ThumbNailer10/ThumbNailer Plugins - Win32.exe

http://www.smalleranimals.com/zips/ThumbNailer10/ThumbNailer Plugins - x64.exe