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Thread: ImgSource bilateral filter bug or?

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    Default ImgSource bilateral filter bug or?

    Hello this is my first post here, I hope I can post this here. I noticed, using the ImgSource Effects demo exe that no matter what settings I use for the bilateral filter (in the blur section) I always end-up with a black image (to be honest it's not completely black there are a few weird colored dots as well). I am using your flower image for the testing. Is this a bug or..something else? I am using Windows 7 ultimate 32bit on a 64 bits cpu.
    I already bought your library but I had not seen this behavior before.
    Thanks for any answer.

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    Default Re: ImgSource bilateral filter bug or?

    there's a bug in the ISEDemo app. looks like we've swapped the inRowStride and compenentsPerPixel parameter when calling is5_BilateralFilterImage.

    it'll be fixed in the next release.

    thanks for the tip!

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