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Thread: ZoomBlur cannot be found in compiled dll

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    Default ZoomBlur cannot be found in compiled dll

    In my delphi implementation I declare:

    function _is5_ZoomBlur(pInput: pointer;
    uWidth, uHeight: cardinal;
    uBpp: cardinal;
    uInRowStride: cardinal;
    pOutput: pointer;
    uOutRowStride: cardinal;
    fAmount: double; //angle of motion and length of blur arc
    pCenter: PImgPoint;
    uFlags: cardinal): boolean; stdcall; external '_ISource50.dll';

    When I try to call the function I get an error that the entry point with that name cannot be found. I have tried other functions (convolution and gaussianblur) and they work. Is it possible you missed to include this function? I am using

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    Default Re: ZoomBlur cannot be found in compiled dll

    good catch. yes, it looks like that function isn't being exported from the DLL.

    i'll get a new build out later today.

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