added ability to change default profiles dir 6/14/10
fixed *X operators (JoinX, AddX, etc.). they were all completely broken - probably since 8/10/10
ImgSource update 10/20/17
plugin system updated (to account for ImgSource 5.0 threading issues) 1/16/11
added 'preview' flag on plugin reads 2/14/11
fix to opacity slider on text overlay page 7/15/11
added global trans color for compositing RGBA to RGB
minor UI tweaks 1/6/12
rebuild w/ new certificate 3/18/12
ImgSource fixes. possible lockup on GIF read, Out-of-Mem, etc. 6/12/12
new saraw (using dcraw 1.447 and lcms 2.3)
using libPng 1.5.11
added ability to read decoded EXIF Tags: XP-Subject, XP-Author, XP-Comment, XP-Keywords, XP-Title (Windows tags)